Carol J Sconzert

The passage of time and life experiences layer upon each other. Our memories weld some key moments in place and dismiss others to the misty edges of subconscious. The process of building layers in my mixed media work allows me to explore the layers of my life, and gives me a safe space to revisit the moments with the benefit of my more capable self.

Memories move and morph until a dim shadow becomes a shimmering beacon. Obscure bits of experiences over a lifetime can ‘find each other’ and reconnect into a pattern or message that is clear to me now. I enjoy the similarity to the cycles of nature — seed, growth, fruit, harvest, fallow — nothing is ever “gone” it is all there and we season through our lives.

I favor fabrics and papers with the occasional found object in my artwork. I like the way that fabric can decompose as I work with it; when torn edges revert to threads it reflects the way that memories can fray over time. Colors are absorbed in varying depths of intensity and blending. Threads from different segments of fabric reconnect across layers and weave new meaning, memories that I thought I understood have new meaning with the passage of time. My artwork reminds me that each moment of life is both brief and eternal.

BFA, State University of New York